Narrow Door
Career Coaching

Your Resume and Online Brand coach!


About Us

We are professional career coaches.  We work with job seekers from all backgrounds.  It doesnt matter what job you want, if you're ready to enter the work force after an extended time away or are part of a downsizing.  Regardless of your situation, we will develop two critical tools you need to succeed - a great resume and a strong, online brand.   


  • We'll help you find you a job quicker
  • Get your resume in front of the Hiring Manager
  • Showcase your unique skills and abilities
  • Strengthen and sharpen your online brand

Industries Served 

  • Clerical, retail, administration, medical, operations, legal, consumer packaged goods, information techology, financial, accounting, sales and marketing.  

Our Name

  • We took our company name from a new testament Bible passage.  We felt that it was relevant to ones' spiritual, personal and business goals and objectives.
  • Make every effort to enter through the Narrow Door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.  Luke 13:24